We’re simply coconuts about Thailand!!

Thailand was supposed to be a piece of cake compared to previous countries. It did, in fact, started off like a dream and then a global pandemic got in the way …

Pho-bulous Vietnam?

You’d be crazy not to cycle in Vietnam but, at the same time, you also have to be a little crazy to cycle there! People, culture, food and lots of quirkiness … all of this and much more in this entry about this amazing country

We simply LAO-ved it !!!

There’s so many sides to Laos that it’s difficult not to find one to fall in love with. Our month spent in this mountainous, landlocked Southeast asian country was truly unforgettable!

Once Udon a time in Thailand

Unfortunately, most of us know someone who has been to Thailand and has told us stories of its beautiful landscapes and incredible cuisine.  When many people speak highly of a destination it’s always comforting but it also takes away that exciting element of surprise and raises expectations. So, sorry about starting this very promising post…

Giving India a second chance

Having had a difficult time the first time we were here, we thought that we were heading for the same kind of trouble. But the universe doesn’t work that way …

Ups and downs in Nepal

Although we enjoyed our time in Nepal very much and we still recommend it as a cycling destination, it’s also a land of huge contrasts and you never know what’s around the corner …

Border Bordel

Being land travellers and having decided to go from Northern Europe to the tip of South East Asia, we cannot escape borders and everything which comes with them.

Borders are very stressful places for long distance cyclists and, in this post, we would like to show you why we consider them the worst thing on our trip!