The adventure

Gorges du Tarn – France – August 2016

Cycling is such a great and unique activity! It gives you freedom and enables you to see the world at the right speed.

For us, cycling is much more than just moving, it’s a lifestyle! We do everything on our bikes: sport, commuting, shopping, … we even go to the toilet on our bikes! Noooo, just kidding! But we could 😉

We like bikes so much that we have decided to spend at least a year doing what we love best, and at the same time helping more people to share our passion.


The aim is go to from Finland to Singapore on our bikes.

During this adventure we really want to show people that another way of travelling is possible and allows you to meet people and discover new places. And everything in a sustainable way !

But what we want to do above all is to share our deep belief that bicycles can help make this planet a little bit better. This is why we have decided to us our quest as a way to support 2 organisations.


88bikes provides bicycles to young women and girls who have been victimes of sexual slavery in developing countries. The highlight of each endowment is the Moment of Happy when every girl receives her new bike. Since 2007, 88bikes has endowed over 6000 bikes to kids in 17 countries but there are still girls out there who need our help! So be part of the change and donate by giving a girl a bike!


Wheels for Wellbeing is an award-winning charity supporting disabled people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling. The donations will help to continue providing inclusive cycling opportunities and support for people of all ages in south London and beyond. Every donation makes a difference and there are many ways you can be part of the story!

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