421adventure Presentation

421 adventure_PLAY

Hello !

421 stands for 4 wheels 2 hearts 1 world and it’s probably the best description of our trip. The “adventure” part is self-explanatory! We want to go from Finland to Singapore by bicycle.

During this adventure we will raise awareness about the power of the bicycle. It’s an amazing and useful tool and we would like to show that it’s much more than just sporting equipment or an incredible miracle of engineering; in many parts of the world and for many people having access to a bicycle can make the difference between being socially segregated and being part of the community.

Along the way we will also be doing some fundraising. The funds we will raise will go to two admirable causes;

88bikes provides bicycles to young women and girls who have been victims of human trafficking in developing countries. They have been triumphantly doing so since 2007 and have successfully donated over six thousand bikes to communities in 17 countries.

Wheels for Wellbeing is an award-winning charity supporting disabled people to enjoy the benefits of cycling. They are also politically active to improve infrastructures, roads, etc. so that people with less mobility can also ride by bike.

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