One Day before the Departure, How do you Feel?


One day before leaving Barcelona.
12 hours before taking the plane with only our bikes.
7 hours before being 15 months on our bikes riding from Finland to Singapore.
4 hours before travelling to countries we have never been to before.
60 minutes before meeting new people and cultures.
2 minutes before changing our life forever!

So, how do you feel?

Scared; you can’t prepare for everything
Excited; we have been thinking about this adventure for many years and the adventure is finally around the corner.
Tired; these last months have been hectic!
Nervous; did we leave the gas on ?!?
Dreamy; our lives have built up to this and we can’t wait!
Sad; not to be able to see our friends and relatives during a long time.
Free; no obligations apart from the ones related to our trip.
Happy; to discover the world by bike.
Impatient; can’t wait!
Oh my god! We are crazy!

In one day our habits and our home will change completely. Our new home is now our 4 wheels, 2 hearts and 1 world. And we are very much looking forwarf to sharing it with you all !

Bon vent!

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