Slovakia Fastakia

To be fair, we were in Slovakia less time than an “average” person spends at work in a week. In total we were there for about 70 hours but we still have a lot to tell you about this little place. Let’s begin;

I think that the first thing that everyone notices about Slovakia is its amazing landscapes. We crossed it from north to south in the east so we saw huge mountain ranges to our right and we had the pleasure to cycle through a pretty pretty green valley right between Prestov and Kosice.

This brings us onto our next point; the cities are quite original and really really nice ! Ok so, we are European and as so we are used to seeing spherical towns and cities with remains of walls and impressive doors but not the Slovakian cities of the east; they have a very peculiar 12th century shape which gives them, from our point of view, a rather refreshing touch! Prestov and Kosice are incredibly well kept and full of surprises. Definitely well worth a visit.

Thirdly, a post on this blog wouldn’t be complete without talking about people we meet along the way. As we said earlier we didn’t spend a lot of time there but we actually met lots of friendly people. To give you a couple of examples, we were invited by Gabriela and her husband Marek, owners of a supermarket, to a warm cup of coffee and Wafers and we chatted about traveling and lots more … Our host in Prestov was possibly the most accommodating person ever; she did everything to make us feel at home although she wasn’t there ! She called her friends and family who gave us the support we needed.

The downside ? Well maybe the fact that there is no cycling infrastructure which is a pity because it would really make for an amazing cycling country with different types of terrains for all tastes and needs. Oh, and the fact that Slovakian drivers never stop to let pedestrians cross! Really people, what is that about ???

We also have an amazing YouTube channel with lots of different videos (in lots of different styles) from the road; 421adventure on YouTube

And please don’t forget that part of our adventure consists of fundraising and raising awareness for two incredible NGOs so please help us to spread the word and, of course, if you’re feeling generous, donate here; DONATE

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