One quick word about …

Mosquitos. Not only in Europe where August is the big holiday month, but also everywhere else in the World, summer is synonym of “annoying little vampires”. During those times, it’s difficult to go a whole day without talking about them so here’s our two dimes on the subject.

I’m writing mainly because I’ve just heard that August 20th is International Mosquito Day but, actually, I’ve been thinking about writing this post for almost 3 months now. You see, when we left Tallin the weather suddenly got super warm and the Baltics have rivers and lakes everywhere. This made a “Mosquito Invasion” possible.

View from inside our tent one evening in Estonia

I’m not exaggerating here. I’ve lived near the Mediterranean coast most of my life and even spent a summer in Scotland but this was different; millions, billions, gazillions of mosquitoes everywhere! Every time we’d cross paths with other cyclists that’s all we’d talk about. It was crazy. I remember seeing a swarm of them one late evening while entering our tent on the Isle of Saaremaa in Estonia.

View outside our tent one early morning in Latvia

So what? Why am I writing this? Well, generally speaking, in life, I’m tired of hearing about stupid wars. Personally, I think humans have gotten way too good at conquering, raiding, invading and killing each other. We’ve been doing it forever and it doesn’t seem to be getting any better now does it? You know how in Sci-fi humans have come together as one in order to fight a common foe? Well, I think that might be it; let’s all unite and eradicate mosquitoes from our planet for good!!!

Great little joke

Now, every time I bring this up the answer I normally get is something like; “Wow, Marco., mosquitos play an important role. Apart from being despised by everyone and everything they are also a vital link in several food chains!” Well, whatever eats them (spiders, frogs and fireflies among others) are not doing a great job!

Before you start hating my idea let me remind you that apart from being a super-annoying creature (why must they always fly near your ear just as you are falling asleep?), it’s also the deadliest thing on our planet killing way more people than sharks and bungee jumping.

Sign behind a window of a camp site in Poland. It’s also a warning to mosquitoes passing by

This could work. It would definitely keep us busy for a few years. It would give us the chance to work out several other problems along the way and it might even give French people a different conversation topic other than the World Cup. Win-win for everyone, apart from mosquitos. I’m looking for leaders in every country. Please send your motivation letter by private message.

We also have an amazing YouTube channel with lots of different videos (in lots of different styles) from the road; 421adventure on YouTube

And please don’t forget that part of our adventure consists of fundraising and raising awareness for two incredible NGOs so please help us to spread the word and, of course, if you’re feeling generous, donate here; DONATE

Oh no, I feel bad now !!!

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