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The simple truth about being a traveller, and I’m sure that most of you out there will agree, is this that people make the difference. Sooner or later we all realise that yes, that museum did contain the oldest eye patch in the world, or no, that temple wasn’t built by Aegar Targaryen but you will surely never ever forget Piotr who offered you his spare room that cold night or Aishe and her super friendly family.

The point here is that the best moments are always in good company. I suppose that’s one fact that pushed humans to start living in communities (apart from the invention of board games).

So, as a way of showing you that we’re not just out here having fun and also because we don’t want to just talk about cycling and pooing in the bushes all the time, here’s a special post about tyres… eh sorry, about people. 😉

First of all, rare are the days that goes by in which we don’t meet someone new who surprises us with their huge heart. We have both grown up in countries where people live way too fast and we are surprised at how much of our human nature we have lost and have become selfish and self-centered.

So it’s one of the aspect of our little adventure that we are fond of the most; being the recipient of a total unselfish act which comes directly from the heart!

We often end up talking about a certain action by a certain person for days and you would spend many sleepless nights if we were to list all the things that we receive from total strangers!

In Poland, Michal and his friends included us in their regular activities and invited us to dinner
In Slovakia, this nice couple owners of a supermarket offered us coffee and energy bars
In Hungary, the owner of a restaurant invited us for lunch and let us have a nap in her backyard because it was too hot to cycle
In Serbia, Jovan, a film maker, invited us for dinner and interviewed us for his next documentary

Sometimes, and maybe not often enough actually, we come across fellow travellers like ourselves and immediately we feel each others. Not literally of course. We’re talking about an immediate understanding of where we are emotionally and psychologically and consuming the basic need of belonging to a group which, in our case, it’s so easy to spot. That would be the second category of people we meet along our way.

Although we don’t know anything about this new person in front of us, there is actually a lot that we have in common and that we share and we acknowledge that we need each other so much; we might exchange information about the path ahead or we might want to talk about something trivial for a while. Whatever our past and future, when we meet other travellers (especially cyclists) we know we will not be asked the same old questions about where and why and how and just relax and enjoy a casual chat and exchange some funny anecdotes.

Camille and Alexandre are cycling all around Europe. If you’d LIKE to read their amazing experiences just click on the picture.
Jakob , 20 years old, is cycling from Sweden to Australia. Check out his Instagram account @jakobcyklar where he shares nice stories with people!
Kathy and Martin are cycling from Canada to Canada during 2 years. An amazing and inspiring couple !

Becky and Matt are cycling from England to Singapore. They are way ahead of us. Check their website to see where they are.

Thirdly, thanks to the amazing age in which we live, there are all those special ones, which are far away, with whom we keep in touch more or less regularly who support us and keep our sentimental moral to an acceptable standard. Frankly, we don’t know how travellers and their families managed before having today’s technology! We miss our friends and family enough as it is already and we simply cannot imagine not being able to share our adventures with them or video calling them every time we have decent WiFi and our eyelids don’t weight a ton.

And finally, we have a special dédicace to make about two friends who hold a special place in our lives and our hearts: Laetitia and Alvaro have always played a special role for us two. Countless are the special moments spent together and we really couldn’t imagine our lives without their omnipresent company although we don’t live exactly next door to each other.

Of all the awesome people we proudly hold close to our hearts they regularly remind us that you cannot always choose who to love, it just happens, that distance is always relative when you long for something badly enough and that even tempered glass can shatter (but how?)!!!

Sorry, that last one is a private joke.

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