One year on the road, how do you feel ?

A few hours before our departure last year, we posted about our feelings as we were about to embark on the trip of our life (read here). One year and millions of adventures later, reading back on those words brings a smile to our faces as we realise how far we have come on so many different levels. Today, we’d like to fill you in on how it feels to have travelled for a whole calendar year, and still going strong !

So Aurelie, after 365 days on the road, how do you feel ?

“One year on the saddle and our state of mind can be summarized by these 3 words:


We are living the best time of our lives and we have never felt so happy ! Especially for such a long-term period. Sadness, stress or depressed feelings do not get to us in this cycling life like it occasionally happened when we were back at home. Bicycle has the great power of making people happy … why don’t you give it a try ?


The power of deciding where and when to go is a feeling that we are experiencing for the very first time ! We are the masters of our lives by deciding which path to cycle. And if one day, for some reason, is not a good day to cycle, we just don’t ! And this is something that we wouldn’t do back home; “Hello boss, I am not coming to work today !” Can you imagine that ?


After one year cycling part of the world and facing so many situations, we feel that we are in control of what we are doing. So many kilometers cycled, so many passes climbed, so many people met speaking a different language than ours, so many police controls, so many different kind of food eaten, so much head wind battled, etc etc. This cycling confidence that we have gained is also influencing our personalities in a positive way and is giving us the best life experience one could ever have”.

And you Marco?

“I feel great! There are several huge advantages to not having a fixed residence and only a couple of annoying disadvantages, but I really believe that the overall outcome of our first year on the road can only be summarised by an amazing feeling of freedom, utter control over your life and happiness.

Although we have a couple of appointments coming up in Asia, we generally don’t have a fixed schedule to follow so we let our bodies decide the rhythm at which we cycle and we take life as it comes; if we like a place or people we stumble upon, for example, then we stay a little longer. This ultimately gives you heaps of control over your life and removes most obstacles to just being super happy!

Another amazing sensation which long-haul cycling gives you is the realization that the sky’s the limit; a bike can take you almost anywhere and when you get there using only your legs then WOW!

On a related topic, one of the annoying things about travelling is all the bureaucratic bulls*it which exists nowadays in the world. Sometimes administration wants to make you rip your own hair out and that’s just pathetic! Not just talking about all those stupid, expensive and, finally, useless Visa application process but also how some countries policies view and treat foreigners. These not only strengthen our beliefs that humans do not need more borders and walls, but also make us appreciate even more our beloved European Union”.

Don’t forget that we are continuously fundraising for two amazing organization, Wheels for Wellbeing and 88Bikes, so please if you like what you see think about making a little donation here. 100% of the funds go to charity and help make this world a better place.

While you are here, also check out our Instagram, Facebook and YouTube; @421Adventure is present everywhere (after pedaling, our no.1 occupation on this trip are our social medias!) and is full of great pictures and amazing short videos about things we see, taste, experience and people we meet along the way!

Be part of the story!

One year after writing this article, we released a special “2 years on the bicycle” video … don’t miss it !

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