Is bike touring for you ?

In this section we would like to motivate you to travel differently. We are aware of all the myths and prejudices that exist about bike touring and, as you can imagine, we disagree with all of them. It is becoming increasingly obvious that we need to reconsider a lot of aspects of our existence on this planet and travel is one of them.

Whether you are a pro cyclist who is wondering what it’s like to cross a border on a bicycle or you’ve never ridden more than 10kms, these two pages aim to encourage you to take the first “step” towards a truly amazing way of seeing the beautiful world in which we live!

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Why do we Cycle?

It’s normal to ask yourself how you should travel. Unfortunately, there isn’t an answer to this question because everyone is different and travels differently. There is, however, a very common question that bike travellers get asked and it’s “why?”. Again, not just one answer can be given, but this is ours;

How to Finance a Long-Distance Cycling Trip

It’s normal to think that it’s impossible for most people to undertake a long-distance bike trip because of the huge economical stress which this entails … or does it ?

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