Welcome to the first step to help someone improve their lives through the use of the bicycle ! Please scroll down for more info on the two amazing associations who will receive 100% of the funds we receive.

Here are some examples of what they can do with your donation;

  • 10€ will cover the expenses of one of the amazing volunteers who help people with disabilities use one of Wheels for Wellbeing’s specially adapted bicycles .
  • 20€ will pay for one disabled person to learn how to cycle through a special lesson.
  • 50€ will pay for footplates to help those with difficulty to keep their feet on the pedals.
  • 100€ will allow 88bikes to give a girl a bike so that she can have access to education more easily.
  • 500€ will pay for a full discovery day where Wheels for Wellbeing takes their special cycles out to a group who can’t travel to a session.
  • 1.000€ will pay for a special side-by-side cycle which allows participants to learn basic cycling, streering and breaking.

Thank you for reaching our donate page 🙂

100% of your donation will reach people in need


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It’s amazing how little can go a long way!

We are cycling to fundraise for two amazing associations which aim to make our world a better place using bicycles;

Wheels for Wellbeing helps people with disabilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling thus becoming more independent, happier and healthier. They are also active in improving the infrastructure so allowing special bicycles to roam more freely everywhere!

88bikes provides bicycles to orphan girls who have been victims of human trafficking which allows them to improve their lives by easily accessing education and labour.

Spread the word and don’t forget to donate to these admirable causes!

So be part of the story! 


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