The holiday season is coming, and on Christmas day we will be celebrating 1.700 days on the saddle! This is why we have decided to open a new campaign to fundraise 1.700 € and give an amazing Christmas present to the two associations we are cycling for.

It’s amazing how little can go a long way!

We are cycling to fundraise for two incredible associations which aim to make our world a better place thanks to the bicycle;

Wheels for Wellbeing helps people with disabilities to enjoy the benefits of cycling thus becoming more independent, happier and healthier. They are also active in improving the infrastructure so allowing special bicycles to roam more freely everywhere!

88bikes provides bicycles to orphan girls who have been victims of human trafficking which allows them to improve their lives by easily accessing education and labour.

Spread the word and don’t forget to donate to these admirable causes!

So be part of the story!

For further information, there is also a video of the endowment of 45 bicycles in Nepal (July 2019);

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