Stories from the Saddle

Differently to our page called Countries where we relate our experiences and impressions on places we’ve cycled, this page is dedicated to those moments which deserve a special treat. Call them “side stories” if you may but anyone who’s ever tried bicycle touring knows that it’s all about those big and small but always rewarding and enriching moments on the go; finding a hidden gem in Iran thanks to the contact with the locals, sleeping with a scorpion in our room, sharing a hug with a new friend or just waving at kids coming out of school. For us, these stories are what it’s all about and regard them as worth reading, so we hope you enjoy them!

A Day in our Lives

Bike touring is not just about pedalling! Hope you enjoy this short story from the saddle about a very special day in our lives while travelling through Turkey.

When the World Carries You Away

Traveling is not about following a straight path from A to B. Often, the road takes you to unexpected places and you have absolutely no control over this. We would like to share what happens when you freely allow fate to do its work and surprise you with what the world has to offer.

About that Time we Went to the Pakistani Border Knowing we Didn’t Have a Visa

Bad Internet on The Pamir, nowhere to go to in China and terrible IT systems in Pakistan; a story about cycling to Nepal …

One quick word about …

We all know that bike touring is, for the most part, spending many hours on the saddle and not, differently to common believes, sightseeing. The truly positive side of this is that it gives you tons of time to think! So, while on the saddle, we often contemplate life from a different point of view. In this section we’d like to share with you short entries which are usually theme based …

Why Do We Cycle?

We get asked this a lot and it’s a very difficult question to answer! However, whenever someone asks “why”, our first reaction has always been to think, “well, why not?!”

Cycling with Newbies

Many long-distance bicycle travellers manage to convince a friend or family member to try out the nomad lifestyle while on the road. Here’s a post about our experiences travelling with people who have joined us on our adventure for a while. Impressions, tips, and much more !


Whether it’s love or hate, we’re all blessed with special people in our lives! Just a quick post about the different “types” of people we cherish as travelers and talk about those who made a huge difference in our trip so far.


Not only in Europe, where August is the big holiday month, but also everywhere else in the World, Summer is synonym of “annoying little vampires”. During those times, it’s difficult to go a whole day without talking about them, so here’s our two dimes on the subject …

You may also like …

Very special events, incredibly happy or sad moments, or experiences which can bring about some sort of wisdom and that we’d like to share with you … This and much more in this miscellaneous part of our blog.

Border Bordel

We’re not particularly superstitious, but if we were we would probably say that we have some sort of “border curse”; we’ve never met anyone who’s had as many issues concerning this topic as we’ve had! Some are funny, other not so much, here’s just a few of the best ones.

The Night of the Scorpion

There were no scorpions where we lived, that’s why we were shocked the first time we saw one! The fact that it was in our bedroom made everything a little more exhilarating …

Poland Lovland – Part 2

We have dedicated an entry to Poland, a place we highly recommend for touring, and wanted to write some special words to all those Poles who made our stay there utterly special and unforgettable and who gave us a great insight into this amazing country.

Ode to Aurelie

Shocking revelation; Aurelie didn’t always like cycling! For her 35th birthday, Marco wrote a dedicated blog entry about how awesome she had become at bike touring and included a special picture made by all of our friends and stitched together by her sister.

One Year on the Road; How Do You Feel?

A few hours before our departure in 2018, we posted about our feelings as we were about to embark on the trip of our life. One year and millions of adventures later, we’d like to fill you in on how it feels to have travelled for a whole calendar year, and still going strong !

One Day before the Departure; How do you Feel?

Back when we thought that we were only leaving for 15 months, we wrote a very short text about how we felt only a few hours before catching that flight …

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